El Prat de Llobregat – Estadi Sagnier

El Prat de Llobregat is a modest, working-class town that’s wedged between Barcelona International Airport and the Rio Llobregat. Tucked away in one of its suburbs, in the shadow of a huge hypermarket is the Estadi Sagnier, home to the equally modest Associació Esportiva Prat. I say modest with all good grace because, until 2012 AE Prat had achieved, well… not a lot.

AE Prat’s rudimentary Camp Fondo d’En Peixo

Founded in 1945, AE Prat may not even be the town’s most famous football team. That honour may belong to Union Deportiva Prat, an amalgam of CD Prat & CD Internacional that won the Amateur Championship of Catalunya in 1939. Home for much of AE Prat’s existence was the Fondo d’En Peixo, a very basic enclosure, close to the town’s railway station. AE Prat first emerged from the Catalan regional leagues in 1984, scrambling together three mediocre seasons in the Tercera before dropping back to the regionals, where they would stay until 2002. There followed a period that saw the club spend seven seasons in the Tercera with ever-improving results. AE Prat made the play-offs for Segunda B for the first time at the end of the 2009-10 season but lost 0-2 on aggregate to Peña Sport. AE Prat won its first-ever Tercera title in May 2012 and then beat Atlético Sanluqueño to earn a place in the third tier. A creditable 12th place finish followed in their first season in Segunda B, but relegation back to the Tercera could not be avoided in May 2014.

Estadi Sagnier – Where basic is better than before

A second Tercera title was won at the end of the 2015-16 season and in the play-offs, AE Prat disposed on Osasuna B 3-2 on aggregate. Unfortunately, their second adventure in Segunda B proved to be a short-lived affair. Whilst form at the Estadio Sagnier was very respectable, AE Prat only picked up 10 points on their travels and was relegated back to the Tercera in May 2017.  After two seasons back in the third tier, AE Prat once again qualified for the end of season play-offs. Promotion back to Segunda B was secured with victories over Ceuta (3-2), Tamaraceite (1-0) & Portugalete (3-2).

Estadi Sagnier in 2019

The club’s upturn in fortunes coincided with a move away from the Camp Fondo d’En Peixo, to the simple, but functional Estadi Sagnier. The stadium is part of the municipal sports complex on the western edge of town, that was developed in the 1970s. To the north of the Estadi  Sagnier is the Complex Esportiu Municipal which includes an indoor pool, sports hall and athletics track. As for the Estadi Sagnier, it has a short raised cantilevered stand on the west side of the enclosure, which is no more than 25 metres in length.  On the opposite east side on the ground is a central terrace area, which is flanked by raised seating. These are made up of two blocks of 250 blue & white seats. With two narrow strips of hard standing behind the goal, this municipal stadium has a capacity 1500.


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