Boadilla del Monte – Polideportivo Municipal de Boadilla del Monte

The history of club football in Spain has been occasionally punctuated with teams that have been formed to represent a company. A.D. Plus Ultra, CD Pegaso & CD Calvo Sotelo all spring to mind. Set up as the sporting face of a firm, these clubs attached themselves to a community with varying degrees of success. Internacional de Madrid are slightly different, in that they were founded in 2002 by Stephen Newman, a London born, but Madrid based property developer. The club has faced the unusual dilemma of plenty of money, but little support beyond Newman and his small group of business associates. This has led to Inter roaming the suburbs and outlying communities of Madrid, in search of a home and a fan base.

Internacional de Madrid’s latest home

Starting out in Mardrid’s Regional divisions, Inter’s first home was in the southern suburb of Orcasitas. After two seasons of plundering the lower divisions of points & titles, Inter reached the Regional Preferente, and moved west to the district of Valdezarza and the very basic Campo Municipal Dehesa de la Villa. At the beginning of the 2006-07 season, it was time to move again, and this time Inter chose the outlying community of Moraleja de Enmedio, some 30km south west of Madrid. The small municipal stadium remained home for the next ten seasons, and it was here in 2010 that Inter reached the Tercera. There followed five seasons of top half finishes, missing out on the play-offs by just two points in 2013-14, before a near disastrous 2015-16 campaign saw Inter finish 16th, one place above the drop zone.

The Campo Moraleja de Enmedio – Inter’s home from 2006-16

The brush with relegation led to a re-think. After a decade of funding the club, Newman wanted to find a new home with the potential of a larger fan base, and a sponsor. So the club upped-sticks once again and headed to Boadilla del Monte, one of the region’s wealthiest communities, 30km to the west of Madrid. Newman also stepped down as club president in 2016, but these changes have reaped the reward of a sponsor in the shape of the Universidad Camilo José Cela, a private Madrid-based university. In Addition, a first Tercera title and promotion to Segunda B was achieved at the end of the 2017-18 season.

The main stand at the Polideportivo Municipal de Boadilla del Monte

What of the Polideportivo Municipal de Boadilla del Monte? Well, it isn’t going to get your pulse racing. Set in the grounds of the rather plush Club Las Encinas de Boadilla del Monte, it’s rather sterile and has an atmosphere to match. The pitch is surrounded by tennis & basketball courts, whose participants often outnumber Inter’s support. The only structure of note is the main stand, which from the outside resembles the offices of a small insurance firm. It is a 40m long, raised structure with spectator seating above the main changing facilities. The only redeeming feature is the roof, which features five barreled cantilevered vaults that are splayed high above the seating deck. The consistently excellent @TheTeamOnTour paid a visit to the Polideportivo Municipal de Boadilla del Monte in May 2018. Watch the video here.


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